There are many different models of mobile website navigation. You can read about some of them in Brad Frost’s article “Responsive nav patterns“. So why did we choose our ‘green magic carpet’ that sits at the top of the page and rolls out like a fine persian?

We knew that our primary site visitors are prospective and existing clients. They wouldn’t be hitting the page often, at most several times a year. We couldn’t expect them to know what is on the site or to recall how it structured from their last visit months before. They may also have predetermined expectations as to how agency websites are structured and therefore are on the look out for specific labels or elements. And on top of these considerations, we had to remember that some may not be advanced mobile users and are checking us out on mobile as part of their due diligence.

As always the navigation had to be usable and functional. It had to help visitors find what they are after. To fulfill the purpose of their visit without confusion. But it also needed to be a design and code proof point – something we could be a little excited about. Something non-interaction designers would also find cool. During the project there were many function vs design discussions. As always, both sides went all in. And we are happy to say it ended well for both sides.

So how many alternatives did we look at? Quite a few. Here are some examples: