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HoistSpar App


Helping people keep their commitments.

The objective of this project was to design and develop a smartphone application for iOS and Android for HoistSpar’s existing savings customers in Sweden. The application aims to increase the service level for HoistSpar’s customers by providing a secure app for keeping track of their savings in an engaging way and thereby increase loyalty and reduce churn.

We leveraged the request by the client with customer insights in order to understand which functionality to include in the application. These insights have been summarised into a backlog and prioritised.

A clickable prototype was created and put into the hands of current HoistSpar users for feedback and input which was reflected immediately into the backlog.

visual style

Customised icons & illustrations.

On top of HoistSpar’s brand guidelines for colours and typography, we created additional icons and illustrations to describe the  features of the app.

clean & simple

Saving money is easy.

A straightforward user interface makes it easy to stay on top of ones savings and take the required actions on the go. HoistSpar’s customers can open accounts, transfer money and get detailed info about the savings via the app.


A direct line to the support.

Information regarding interest rates and other important messages show up directly in the app as messages. Not only can those messages be read, the customer can directly reply or create a new, direct conversation with the support. To visualise both incoming and outgoing messages as easy as possible, a chat-like user interface was implemented.


Native for the win.

The decision to go native was taken early in the project to ensure all functionality that is important to the customers could be included.

Our project delivery consisted of the app design and development of both iOS and Android versions, while third party providers supplied the backend and BankID integration.


Always do user testing, regardless of how little.

One of the key takeaways was how crucial it can be to have just a few, simple user interviews. We can create the best concepts and designs in the world, however, it only brings value if it makes sense to the users. The interviews held for the HoistSpar project occurred fairly late and in few numbers, still this gave us truly valuable insight. Another takeaway is to keep things simple. Straight from the start we wanted to make a very clean and straightforward savings application, not confusing the user with a cluttered user interface and it was a focus we kept throughout the project. Looking at the user feedback we got on both platforms we surely achieved what we aimed for.

HoistSpar is available for download