SF Bio

background and mission

Next generation cinema app

Mobiento / Deloitte Digital is SF Bio’s partner for digital service design. SF Bio is a part of Nordic Cinema Group (NCG) who runs cinema chains in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltics. NCG is currently in the middle of a fast paced digital transformation process, and we were asked to conceptualize and design the next generation cinema app for NCG:s 6 markets.

The mission was to transform the current SF Bio app from solely being a window for purchase to become a loyalty tool that enhances the cinema experience, a companion throughout the user journey.

In addition, the app should have a structure that could be adopted in a cost-efficient manner to each market without compromising on the user experience.

Project partners: Söderhavet and Cybercom


Aligning the organization with a… movie (what else?)

We kicked off the work by creating a visionary concept that showed the direction of thinking for SF Bio’s future app. The concept was visualized in an inspirational 2 minutes’ movie, which turned out to be a very efficient way of explaining the role of the app in relation to other channels and to align and inspire all parts of the organization towards a common goal.


Based on insights, designed by users

During the project, our team has continuously done user interviews and observations of cinema visitors on-site at various cinemas. We wanted to understand the drivers behind “going to the movies” and get answers on the questions “why, how, when and with whom?”. We also analyzed statistics from today’s app and web, scraped and analyzed user comments on social media and app stores, and drew conclusions from a comprehensive SF Bio focus group study.

Our user insights were made concrete in personas, user journeys and an over-arching role description of the app: a facilitator and social enabler. This role description has been very useful as the red thread throughout the full duration of the project.


Testing the world away

Our team was responsible for gathering functional and non-functional requirements from the different departments (mainly marketing and IT) and national markets. In parallel, the service design process went on in close collaboration between NCG and Mobiento’s UX team. Functionality and services were prioritized according to a matrix of User value / Business value / Technical feasibility.

Throughout the process, we were constantly evolving the app prototype according to feedback from users, business and the technology team. In addition to the app user tests on the different national markets, we did user tests also from a cross platform angle, securing a smooth user journey when switching context and between digital channels.

The way ahead

Just getting started

The new app is now out in Norway and Sweden and the first iteration includes the long-wanted feature mobile tickets. And a fresh and improved UX and visual expression. New features will be rolled out throughout 2017 to further enhance the experience for the Nordic cinema visitors. The app is a result of a close collaboration and daily co-creation with the great team at SF Bio and its partners.