uPick App


Bringing value to the Samsung users and partners

Samsung approached Mobiento looking for a different way to create marketing traction around their devices. With their incredible market penetration, how could they bring value to their users and partners alike while generating ROI?


Rewarding Samsung customers using their own device

Samsung in collaboration Mobiento’s cross-functional team, examined potential opportunities within the Samsung ecosystem, from existing partnerships to customer behaviour. The concept shaped around bringing targeted offers to customers as a reward system for using their devices. Using data and profiles, the app suggests deals and coupons exclusive to the Samsung network.


Expanding the ecosystem over devices

The uPick brand and infrastructure covers four different markets in the Nordic region. Each region provides a unique set of offers carefully selected for its market’s target group. Within each market an offer has a line of segmentation possibilities varies from filtering per category, exclusively selected per operator or device to have a unique assigned activation code managed by the system.

During 2016 the uPick brand expanded to an entirely new platform when being one of the featured applications on the latest generation of Samsung SmartTV.

+ users up until now


Making a Buzz

UPick was selected by both Samsung Korea and Netflix as a best practise example for digital product development. The product is now pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones and tablets in the nordics.