Pioneer shopping


Customer experience as focal point

The rapid rise of the adoption of mobile devices and online commerce has caused significant shifts in customer behavior. Today’s customer interacts with brands not only in the physical world, but also in the virtual online space. Thus, retailers need to ensure that they don’t lose out on customers in the divide between physical stores and e-commerce by creating seamless, integrated experiences across all channels.


The omni-channel revolution

The purpose of retail will no longer be to solely convert every customer into a buyer of goods, but rather to transform them into disciples of the brand itself. To begin a relationship a dialogue must start in any sales channel. It doesn’t matter where the purchase take place; what matters is that the customer falls in love with the brand and shares the love with others.

Urb-it was born as a result of the digitalization of retail and the anytime – anywhere
shopping experience, thus our focus in creating services that put the individual’s needs first by linking customer, shop and urbers, enabling a smarter shopping experience.


Click & Get

With the customer experience as our focal point, we created a smartphone application that revolves around services that make people’s purchases seamless, while ensuring that brands meet customers’ new expectations wherever they are by pioneering shopping that is truly on the customers’ terms.

Just as shoppers expect to be able to buy from any touch point, they also expect to access brand inventory regardless of where it resides – whether in a store, a warehouse, a drop-ship facility or at another local outlet.

Users of the Urb-it app simplify online purchases through a few clicks, and have an all-in-one integrated payment and a unique world-class personal delivery service.


Digital retail experience

The technology eco-system for Urb-it extends across various inventory management systems, omni-channel digital stores and an on-demand courier fleet used by multiple parties. The best way to navigate through such a dependent network is to provide a single, global view of all inventories available in order to intelligently source the line item components of that order, ensuring that the business can meet both current and future customer demands while optimizing inventory, logistics, and asset utilization.

We have simplified the integrations, unified the online shopping experience, covered two main customer headaches – payment and delivery – and increased conversion especially on mobile.


Start-up wonders

Urb-it is an open chapter in Mobiento’s history as we continue creating and building several services and new features that keep adding value to Urb-it’s customer. The digital retail experience continues to grow and endless opportunities arise every day. Urb-It is just one of several examples of how we work with start-ups, helping shape entire companies from idea to successful digital businesses, organisations, products, services and go to market activities.